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If you have suffered a work injury, you may have received documentation from your employer’s workers comp insurance carrier.  If you have received a “Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP),” this means that the carrier has agreed to pay you workers comp benefits, at least temporarily. 

There are a few forms of NCP:

  • A Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable is like an NCP, except it can be withdrawn by the carrier without the case going to court.
  • A medical-only NCP is an acceptance by the carrier to pay work-related medical bills, but no wage loss.

In every case, it is important that you review with your workers’ comp attorney any documentation received from the carrier.  Your experienced PA workers’ comp attorney will verify that your compensation rate and injury description are correct. The carrier is only obligated to pay the wage rate as set forth on the NCP and is only obligated to pay medical expenses for the specific injury listed on the NCP.  Your worker’ comp lawyer will ensure that you are receiving all the wage benefits and medical benefits to which you are entitled for your work injury.

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