Workers’ Comp Lawyer – Testimonials

When you choose to work with me as your workers’ comp lawyer, your concerns become my concern. With over 30 years of experience in workers’ comp, I am well-equipped to give your case the personal attention and expertise needed to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

As the testimonials below show, as your lawyer, I will do everything in my power to help you get back to your normal life while I guide you through the complicated workers’ comp system – so you can experience the best possible outcomes.


Jeff Mills changed my thinking about lawyers. Jeff’s first and foremost concern was my well being as a person and getting me back to my normal life. If you are injured at work do yourself a favor and contact Jeff Mills as soon as possible

I would strongly recommend having Jeff Mills represent you if you get injured at work. Mr. Mills will help you understand the workers’ compensation law. He will guide you through the system. It is my hope that anyone who finds himself with a workers’ compensation injury will seek Jeff Mills for the best results

Life as I knew it came to a drastic end due to a fall at work which caused many medical problems…Luckily I introduced myself to Jeff Mills who stood by me when no one else would…Mr. Mills has the experience to get a fair and equitable settlement…His expertise was comforting when I needed it most…Thanks to Mr. Mills, a difficult and complicated legal issue has been settled.

I was explaining to my doctor about my work related injury. When I finished he suggested I call Jeff Mills as he stated I was going to need a very good attorney. At our first meeting I saw why Jeff was recommended. Jeff suggested we take my case in a completely different direction, one that I had not even thought of. I have now received a monetary settlement for lost wages and still have my medical benefits. I now know why my doctor recommended him so very highly and I would also like to add my recommendation. I am most grateful and very pleased with the service I received

Jeff Mills cared first about me as a person then as a client. He was genuinely interested in my wellbeing. He analyzed my case carefully and gave me all of the options. I highly recommend him to anyone injured at work.

I would highly recommend Jeff Mills to anyone that needs a worker’s compensation attorney. He is respected by his fellow colleagues in the profession. He vigorously pleads your case, and in my case won a settlement for me. I am thankful I was referred to him by another worker’s compensation lawyer.

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