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Your workers’ compensation attorney has filed a Petition to protect your rights to workers’ compensation benefits for your work injury, or perhaps your Employer has filed a Petition to terminate those rights.  What should you expect?

After a Petition is filed, your case will be assigned to a Workers’ Compensation Judge, and a Hearing will be scheduled. After you receive notice of a hearing, it is very important to immediately contact your workers’ compensation lawyer.  Your workers’ compensation attorney will help you navigate the litigation process, answer your questions, and provide you with necessary advice regarding the best way to protect your workers’ compensation benefits.  Your workers comp attorney will contact the Employer and insurance carrier on your behalf, contact your doctor to obtain necessary medical information to aid in your workers’ comp case, and represent you at all hearings.

Your workers’ compensation attorney will schedule a meeting to occur prior to the Hearing. At that meeting, the details of your work injury and the specific issues to be addressed before the Judge will be discussed.  Your workers’ comp attorney will prepare you for the hearing.  Your workers’ compensation attorney will identify and secure all necessary evidence to protect your rights relative to your work injury. With the assistance of your workers’ compensation lawyer, you will go to that first hearing prepared and confident that you are presenting the best case to protect the benefits you deserve for your work injury.

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