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I am often asked whether an injury sustained in an accident while commuting to or from work is compensable under the Workers Compensation Act. The answer is complicated. Very generally, injuries sustained while commuting to or from work ARE NOT covered under the Worker’s Compensation Act. So, if a person gets hurt in an accident […]

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Injured workers who are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim often ask me whether they can be terminated from employment for filing a claim. From a technical perspective, the answer is no. However, as a practical matter, it can happen. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Schick v. Shirey, 552 Pa. 590 (1998) looked at this very […]

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As a workers’ compensation lawyer, a recent article in Time Magazine caught my attention – it was titled “The Most Dangerous Jobs in America”. It identified, by occupation, the 20 most dangerous jobs in America in 2014. The article was based on a recent government report, and according to the article, the most dangerous occupation […]

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