Workers Comp Lawyers in Lancaster Pa Who Make Sure Nothing Gets Lost in Translation

I am always curious when I see lawyers advertise “Hablamos Espanol”. What does that really mean? Does it mean that the lawyer studied Spanish in high school? Does it mean that an interpreter is hired for the initial consultation? Does it mean that a staff person has a passable understanding of Spanish?

It is an important question in your worker’s compensation case because effective communication is critical. Your lawyer must understand all the facts and you need to fully understand all of your options. You need ongoing communication with your lawyer beyond the initial consultation, which means your lawyer must be able to talk to the witnesses, many of whom speak Spanish.  Finally, your lawyer must be certain that the facts are accurately conveyed to the Judge.

Here at ITSWHATWEDO, our Spanish speaking clients work directly with a bilingual attorney. My colleague, Angel Torres, has been a Workers Compensation lawyer for 10 years. His first language is Spanish and that is the language spoken in his home today. In addition, we have bilingual clerical staff who work directly with our Spanish speaking clients. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not hire an interpreter for one consultation. Our Spanish speaking clients work directly with a Spanish speaking lawyer and staff from the beginning of the case to the end.

Winning your case depends on effective communication. If you, a friend or loved one are a Spanish speaking injured worker, you owe it to yourself to work with an attorney who speaks your language. The truth is, your case depends on it. Don’t take the chance that your case will be lost in translation.

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