The Most Dangerous Jobs In America

As a workers’ compensation lawyer, a recent article in Time Magazine caught my attention – it was titled “The Most Dangerous Jobs in America”.

It identified, by occupation, the 20 most dangerous jobs in America in 2014.

The article was based on a recent government report, and according to the article, the most dangerous occupation in 2014 was logging workers. In that occupation there were almost 111 fatal injuries per 100,000 loggers.

After loggers, the second most dangerous occupation was fishing workers. The article presented a table that ranks jobs by the fatality rate per 100,000 workers in that field and the total number of deaths in that field.

As a workers’ compensation lawyer, I know that behind each and every one of these numbers is a person whose loss will be felt by many others. Behind each number is a husband, wife, son or daughter.

Behind each statistic is a very human and emotional story.

We don’t all work in the most dangerous jobs in America. I certainly do not. But we all take risks every day when we leave our homes and go to our place of work.

Unfortunately, even in the best of circumstances, accidents happen and work injuries occur. When they do, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at your side ensuring your rights are fairly and vigorously represented.

You need someone to ensure that the human element is not lost or buried in bureaucracy or statistics.

If you have been hurt at work please contact me. I have been representing injured workers in Lancaster, Harrisburg and York for almost thirty years and am a Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist.

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